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100 Day Plan

100 Day Plan

“During the first 100 days of our administration, we will take the first steps towards accomplishing the recommendations set forth by the 2014 Brick Transition Team. The overall goals are to improve our quality of life and to make Brick a better, more affordable place to live. This plan will help us cut costs, increase non-tax revenues, and make government more efficient and responsive to the community.” - Mayor John G. Ducey

Here is the 100 Day Plan for Brick Township.

Township Cost Cutting/Saving Measures

1. Brick Township paid more than $2 million in overtime in 2013. Conduct a comprehensive review of overtime costs to identify ways to reduce overtime.

DONE! Every Department/Division head was required to provide comprehensive overtime reports as well as suggestions on how to reduce overtime costs in their respective areas.  An example of one plan is that the Police Department will utilize special police officers for court security and to book suspects.

2. Explore options for shared services and bulk purchasing to save taxpayers money.

DONE! The Township has shared services agreements with several local agencies and governments.  These include a shared service with the BTMUA for electrical services and utility costs, with the Board of Education for recycling and a working relationship with the Borough of Mantoloking and the State of New Jersey for the steel revetment project.

3. Review existing shared services agreements to make sure they are actually saving money.

DONE! We have done a comprehensive review of our shared services agreements with the BTMUA, local sports organizations and more.

4. Explore energy aggregation opportunities for Brick’s municipal government and the community at large.

DONE! After thoroughly reviewing aggregation proposals and other aggregation programs, it has been determined that it is not in the best interst of the community at this time.

5. Roll back all raises and promotions that were made in the final 90 days of the previous administration until they can be thoroughly reviewed.

DONE! The review process for these raises and promotions - many of which were done one day before the election in November - is underway.  The process is being done in accordance with civil service regulations.

6. Perform a department wide review of township employee job descriptions and roles and look for redundancy and inefficiencies to streamline service and reduce costs. Realign staff duties accordingly to avoid overlap and ensure that duties are assigned to the appropriate employees and departments.

DONE! We have completed reviews of the Land Use, Public Works, Parks, Recreation, Construction Code, Planning, Engineering and Senior Services Departments and take actions to make them more efficient.

Improve Township Services

7. Implement procedures and technology to monitor projects, resident complaints and requests for services.

DONE! We have updated our technology to be more user friendly and have implemented policies and procedures to ensure timely  responses to all inquiries made through our CRS system.

8. Develop Public/Private Partnerships to support services to Brick residents.

DONE! The Township is working with serveral private entities that provide support to Brick residents.  An example is the Visitation Relief Center - the Township recently applied for adn was awarded a $10,000 grant from Sustainable Jersey for the VRC.

9. Tell us how we’re doing! Survey forms will be available online and at all township offices so residents can provide feedback and suggestions.

DONE! Surveys are available in municipal offices for residents to provide feedback and will be online in the near future.

10. Implement a system to notify residents via email and text messaging of important township alerts and emergency conditions.

DONE! In addition to the Township's social media resources, we have created an email alert system that residents can sign up for.

11. Review and begin the revision of the “Recreation Master Plan” based on input from representatives from the various sports and recreation programs, the Township Recreation Committee, Town Council, Senior Advisory Committee and others.

DONE! We have begun the revision of the Recreation Master Plan. We have met with several township sports organizations for their input and will continue to do so.  We are also going to conduct a self-audit of ADA-accessibility in all Township owned recreational facilities.

12. Explore possibilities for creation of a public dog park, including use of grants and private partnerships to fund construction and maintenance of the site.

DONE! A dog park is a planned component of a park renovation for Ann Hibbard Park that is scheduled to be done in 2015.  We are going to work to explore grants to fund the park component.

Increase Non-Tax Township Revenues

13. Investigate new state, federal and private grant opportunities to supplement budget income and to expand services for Brick citizens.

DONE! The Township has entered a contract with a firm specializing in obtaining grants and has appointed an in-house grant coordinator.

14. Implement an aggressive collection process for delinquent (over one year) court fees, fines and penalties - currently, over $650,000 are unpaid.

DONE! The Township has issued a Request for Proposals from firms that specialize in debt collection.

15. Conduct comprehensive review of all township owned properties and redevelopment sites - make sure they are properly used or returned to the tax rolls.

DONE! All properties were reviews.  The Foodtown Redevelopment agreement signed in 2009 was cancelled.  Spaces in Civic Plaza have been rented out.  A restaurant has been proposed for Traders Cove and kayak and stand up paddleboard racks will be made available for rent.

16. Review fees charged to utilities and developers for roadwork service provided by Brick Township Police.

DONE! Fees have been adjusted to reflect the billing rate.

17. Review fee structure for the Building and Construction Department.

DONE! The Township Council has introduced an ordinance that has revised the fees for the Building and Construction Departmen

18. Review fee structure for EMS services and adjust rates based on the Medicare recommended rates. Medicare will reimburse seniors for 100% of the costs. Additional revenue can be used to expand EMS and other public safety services.

DONE! The Township has introduced an ordinance to bring our EMS fees in line with Medicare recommended rates

Government Efficiency

19. Explore the restructuring of Departments/Divisions in Town Hall to make Township services more effective and cost efficient.

DONE! The township completed a restructuring that moved the Parks Division back under Public Works, moved Recreation back into the Administration Department and moved Senior Services as its own division under Administration.  This restructuring has reduced the number of Township Departments from 6 to 5 and has eliminated a Director level position and two Deputy Director positions.  This restructuring will also improve the delivery of services and create monetary savings for the community.

20. Hold regular meetings with the Administrative Staff and Department/Division heads to improve communication and efficiency.

DONE! Mayor Ducey holds a Department / Division Head meeting every month to get updates on township work and services and have an open exchange of ideas!

21. Determine anticipated revenue loss due to Superstorm Sandy for the next 5 years. Also, determine anticipated revenue to the Township from Sandy-related grants, and Federal and State aid.

DONE! Sandy losses are greater than anticipated.  Rather than a gradual climb over five years, our ratables were reduced further in 2015.  The Sandy Impact on the 2015 Budget is $5,766,730.  Essential Services Grant will not be available from this point forward.

22. Instruct department heads to conduct cost benefit analysis to determine which services should be outsourced and which should be done in house.

DONE! Department and Division heads are reviewing their operations to determine if outsourcing some of their services would be beneficial.

23. Explore ways to reduce operating costs and increase revenues from Trader’s Cove Park and Marina to reduce the current burden on taxpayers for Marina operating expenses.

DONE! The Township has revamped Traders Cove Marina Fees and is exploring public/private partnerships that will increase revenue at the site.

24. Conduct comprehensive review of the Brick Township Building and Construction Department.

DONE! A review has been done and the information has been presented to Business and Finance Committee.  They will use the information to make recommendations on how to make the department more efficient.

25. Review cost and effectiveness of TNR Program and Animal Control Services. Costs of the Animal Control Services have increased dramatically in recent years.

DONE! The Township is currently reviewing our TNR Program and has renewed our agreement with the JSAC.  The Township is also exploring opportunities for shared services in the future that will lower our animal control costs.

26. Rescind the Executive Order forbidding township employees to speak with Council members.

DONE! Mayor Ducey announced the order on January 1 and an Executive Order was distributed to all Department / Division Heads.

Environmental Go Green

27. Conduct Township-wide energy audit to reduce energy dependence and cut utility costs.

DONE! The Sustainable Brick Committee is doing an excellent job at looking for all ways to reduce energy dependence.  The Brick Solar Farm will cut the Township's utility costs.

28. Create an aggressive public education program on the benefits of recycling, including the tremendous cost savings to the taxpayers for avoiding tipping fees for garbage disposal.

DONE! The Township is visiting condominium/townhome associations to promote recycling.  In addition, the Township has begun a marketing campaign utilizing BTV and other resources to promote recycling.

29. Increase recycling in Town Hall and other Township owned facilities.

DONE! Mayor Ducey has made sure every desk in municipal offices has a container for recyclables and instructed maintenance staff to not empty any garbage can that contains recyclables until they are placed in recyclabe containers.

30. Continue to replace traditional lighting fixtures with more energy efficient lighting fixtures (street lighting, traffic signals, and public buildings and facilities).

DONE! The Township sought grants to accomplish this.  Mayor Ducey met with JCP&L and switching street and traffic lights is not allowed by law at this time.

31. Work to obtain certification with Sustainable New Jersey, which will qualify Brick to receive grant funding.

DONE! Mayor Ducey's Sustainable Brick Committee is in the process of applying for certification which will open the door for grant opportunities.

Economic Development

32. Form Economic Development Committee to support our current businesses and to encourage new businesses to come to Brick.

DONE! A Council Ad Hoc committee was formed to work with our business community to foster a stronger economy in Brick.

33. Seek input and increase coordination with the Brick Chamber of Commerce, the Brick Morning Rotary, the Brick Afternoon Rotary, the Brick Evening Rotary, and the Brick Tourism Commission. Utilize their expertise to explore innovative ways to draw consumers to Brick businesses.

DONE! Mayor Ducey and Township officials have met with these groups and will continue to work with them to help Brick Township's business community.

34. Explore feasibility of an Economic Revitalization Audit (ERA) to assist the Township in identifying, charting and targeting growth opportunities in specific business districts throughout Brick. This process will allow us to identify empty commercial spaces, new opportunities and viable resources to realize untapped economic development, growth and revitalization potential.

DONE! The Brick Township Storefront Revilatlization Program provides incentive for businesses to open in storefronts that have been vacant for more than one year.

35. Formulate a plan to encourage residents to shop and dine locally.

DONE! We have created a program called Buy In Brick that will provide residents with the ability to save on their property taxes by shopping locally.

Expand E-Government Services

36. Upgrade our Town website to increase functionality, and make it more user friendly and informative.

DONE! The Township is making efforts to better utilize the website to make it better for residents.

37. Review all services and forms used by the public, and where possible, enable residents to complete forms and request services online.

DONE! The township explored services available and has retained a service to place fillable, signable and submittable forms on website.  These forms will be available in the near future.

38. Implement online registration for recreation programs.

DONE! Residents can now register online by visiting

39. Expand the acceptance of credit cards in Town Hall.

DONE! The Clerk's Office now accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover for transactions.  There are no fees to pay with credit cards in the Clerk and Registrar's!

40. Use technology to better inform residents about what’s going on in Brick. Expand the use of television, the municipal website, social media, emails and online communications to keep citizens informed.

DONE! The Township is using resources such as BTV, Facebook, Twitter and email to keep residents better informed than ever before about their municipal government and what is going on in town hall.

41. Email Communications - Improve customer service request response by email and make sure every email is routed, tracked, and responded to appropriately.

 DONE! The Township has a software program in place to monitor issues as submitted by residents via the web.  Policies have been changed to include walk-in and telephone complaints to system - with mandates for response time.  Additionally, the Township is reviewing software options to simplify the process.

Brick “Government at Work” Program

42. Hold regularly scheduled “Mayor-In and Mayor-Out Nights”, where residents can meet directly with the Mayor and department heads to discuss their ideas and concerns.

DONE! Mayor-Out Nights have already been scheduled and Mayor In Nights will begin shortly.

43. Email reports from the Mayor on township issues to all residents who sign up to receive them.

DONE! Citizens can sign up to receive email alerts from the Township.  Sign up to receive Brick Township Municipal Updates by clicking here!

44. Advertise Office Hours for the Mayor, Council Members, and relevant Department/Division heads.

DONE! Office hours are advertised on BTV, the Township website and more!

45. Promptly post on the Township website the minutes from all Town Council, Planning Board, and Board of Adjustment meetings.

DONE! Minutes are now being posted once they are approved by the respective boards.

Public Health and Safety

46. Establish Mayor’s Wellness Program in Brick.

DONE! The Mayor's Employees Wellness Program provides municipal employees with access to weeky consultations with a wellness coach.  Programs such as Bigger Loser Contest and Healthy Recipe Contest encourage employee participation.

47. Assess and improve the safety of the various pedestrian walkways and crosswalks in Brick.

DONE! Contacted Ocean County about a Safe Sidewalks Program as most main roads in Brick are County roads.  The County is not intersted in the program.

48. Conduct comprehensive review of EMS services to determine ways to reduce response time, cut costs, increase revenue, and increase overall service. Work to increase coordination between the paid and volunteer EMS.

DONE! Facilitated an agreement where volunteer EMS squads will provide coverage at township events as opposed to paid EMS members.

49. Implement plan to address vandalism and to increase security in our local parks.

DONE! Security cameras are a component of the plans for park renovations scheduled for this year.  The cameras will hopefully serve as a deterrent to vandalism and a tool to catch perpetrators who are not deterred.

50. Work with police, schools and private entities to address the heroin problem in Brick. Also, review options to renew the B-MAC drug abuse program.

DONE! Mayor Ducey has participated in a drugs awareness forum and will continue to work with our Police Department to address these growing problems.  Mayor Ducey and the Council have also reinstated BMAC - the Brick Municipal Alliance Committe on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse - to develop and implement substance abuse and delinquency prevention programs.

51. Conduct comprehensive review of OEM plans to respond to emergencies.

 DONE! Mayor Ducey and the OEM Coordinators held a meeting where they conducted and extensive review of OEM policies and procedures.  We are continuing to conduct tabletop drills and other exercises to best position the township to respond to emergencies.

52. Facilitate public/private partnerships with organizations to aid homebound seniors.

DONE! A round table meeting was held with various senior service organizations to discuss needs, service gaps and how Brick Township can assist local senior service agencies to better serve elderly residents.  A follow up meeting will be held in the near future.

Improving our Quality of Life for Brick Seniors

53. Work with the Mayor's Senior Advisory Committee to identify new ideas to expand and improve services to Brick Seniors.

DONE! Mayor Ducey and the Council are working with the Senior Advisory Committee to make Brick Township better for seniors.  An example is reviewing the by-laws of adult communities to identify best practices.  Also, the Township will be providing CPR lessons for people and pets to our senior communities through our EMS Program.

54. Explore the use of a Brick Township “wellness van” for health screening and education. Identify and promote special programs that promote healthy lifestyles and living.

 DONE! Our Senior Outreach Services Department provides various beneficial programs throughout the year including a health fair, caregiver resources fair, health and wellness screenings, information sessions. In addition, the township Emergency Medical Services provide CPR lessons to the senior communities and the township has made a prescription/medicine drop off box available in Town Hall.

55. Explore transportation options to assist Brick seniors in traveling to physicians, hospitals, shopping etc.

DONE! The Township is planning on purchasing used vehicles from Ocean County to increase our transportation services.

56. Initiate community-wide CPR program.

DONE! The Brick EMS will host free CPR lessons this June!

57. Identify and present volunteer and mentor opportunities.

 DONE! The Township has entered a partnership with the National Council on Aging that places senior citizen volunteers in Town Hall.  There is no cost to the Township - the Council on Aging absorbs the cost of the program.

Make Brick a Better Place for our Youth

58. Grant official Town Committee status to the Brick Teen Advisory Committee and invite our Town’s youth who participate on the Committee to present their recommendations at Town Council meetings.

DONE! Brick Teen Advisory Committee was formed through the Brick Youth Program.

59. Add a “teen classified” section on the Town website that will assist our teens with summer and part-time employment opportunities.

 DONE! The Mayor’s Brick Youth Club has a help wanted section available for teens seeking employment. Check them out on Facebook

60. Seek Safe Routes to School Grants for eligible neighborhoods with schools on busy thoroughfares.

DONE! Grants awarded for Safe Routes Projects for Midstreams Elementary School and Lanes Mill Elementary School.

61. Recognize achievement in our schools by establishing a “Mayor’s Scholars” program for straight A students.

DONE! Outstanding students are recognized at Council Meetings during the school year.

62. Establish summer internship program for Brick college students to volunteer in Town Hall over the summer and during the year for college credit.

DONE! College interns spent time working in various municipal offices this summer.

Sandy Recovery and Storm Preparedness

63. Form Sandy Recovery and Mitigation Committee.

DONE! A Council Committee was formed to solely focus on our Sandy Recovery and Mitigation efforts.  Previously, these were handled by the Land Use Committee in addition to the many issues that committee focused on.  This new Committee's sole purpose will be to work on our community's recovery from Sandy.

64. Organize public presentation from the Brick Tax Assessor to educate residents on (1) what has been done to determine value, (2) what reductions/increases in assessed value to expect, and (3) what non damaged areas can expect following Superstorm Sandy.

DONE! Brick Township Tax Assessor Irene Raftery made a presentation at a Council meeting on February 18.

65. Participate in (or organize) a meeting of local Mayors to identify the proper allocation on the next round of Sandy funding ($1.46 Billion for New Jersey). The majority of the money should go to homeowners.

 DONE! All local mayors affected by Superstorm Sandy were invited to a FEMA information seminar hosted by the township on 6/15/15. The Mayors held a separate meeting as part of the seminar.

66. Come up with solutions to address abandoned houses in Brick.

DONE! The Township has passed two ordinances that have established new policies and procedures for handling abandoned properties.

67. Establish better communications with surrounding municipalities and county government regarding decisions that affect Brick Township.

DONE! We have met with representatives from Mantoloking, Toms River, Point Pleasant Beach, Point Pleasant Boro and the Ocean County Freeholders to discuss regional issues.

68. Make effort to join Community Rating System - NFIP, which will give Brick residents a discount on their flood insurance.

DONE! The Township is beginning to resolve the discrepancies that will enable us to enter this program.

69. Prepare regular reports on rebuilding efforts to be presented at Council meetings.

DONE! The Council's Sandy Recovery Liasion provides updates at Council meetings.

70. Increase awareness of counseling services and mental health support groups to deal with anxiety and stress related to Sandy.

DONE! The Township has posted information regarding these services on the Township website and social media resources.  Brick Township was also the first muncipal staff in New Jersey to receive certification in mental health first aid.

71. Work to secure grants to respond to emergencies, recover from them, and mitigate against their impacts.

 DONE! The Township has submitted the first HMGP application to mitigate properties damaged by Super Storm Sandy.

72. Formulate a debt reduction plan for the Township.

DONE! We have started a debt reduction plan that will reduce overall debt by nearly 7 million over the coming years.

"All this will not be finished in the first 100 days, nor will it be finished in the first 1000 days, nor in the life of this administration, nor perhaps in our lifetime on this planet… but let us begin."

  - John F. Kennedy
     Inaugural Address January 20, 1961

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